Creative HN-700 noise-cancelling headphones reviewed

creative hn-700At under $70, Creative's HN-700 noise-cancelling headphones are significantly cheaper than similar offerings from Sony and Bose. But do they really work? Can they really make using, say, your Zen Micro (hey, may as well pair them with another Creative prod, right?) as much fun on the subway or in an airplane as in your living room? According to Trusted Reviews, the answer is a resounding yes. The site tried out the phones, and found that the system "not only works, but works superbly." The reviewer submitted the phones to his own homegrown test, standing under a loud air conditioner and flicking on the noise-cancellation switch, which he said "completely eradicated the noise, cocooning you in an ambient noise free zone." The review also highlighted the fact that the phones fold and also approved of Creative's removable cable, which lets you sub out the built-in one for a longer version if, say, you want to hook these up to a home theater system from the other side of the room.

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]