Screenshots, deets on Revolution's "Virtual Console"?

IGN got their hands on what's supposedly a leaked survey done by Zanthus for Nintendo of America concerning the Revolution's promised/anticipated "Virtual Console" feature, and it contains what could be several tantalizing indicators about the look, content, and pricing structure of this upcoming service. Screencaps and "research stimuli" (that's what eggheads call "questions") from the survey seem to show almost a hundred classic titles available for download from the original NES, SNES, and N64 library (no GameCube downloads, 'cause the Revolution will play those discs natively) priced from $2.99 for Contra to $19.99 for Contra 64, for instance. Also available would be a subscription service, it seems, priced at $14.99 a month for all-you-can-eat. Remember that this was all done hush-hush, so even if legit it might mean absolutely nothing about anything related to the possible Revolution feature tentatively known as the Virtual Console.